Uppercut Barbershop is a base in the heart of the city where you can hide in any form convenient for you. Men’s haircut, beard trim, classic shave, and a conversation with those who care.

Our windows are curtained, the light is muffled, the sound is adjusted, we do not save on this. No “correct atmospheres”, “hurry up to sign up” and other marketing rubbish. Our people and spirit are what we are proud of.

Looking forward to sharing all of this. Let’s pour a gin and tonic with cucumber or 50 rum, sit down and rest. Drop by and stay for a long time.

We are always a call away.

What can Uppercut Barbershop do?

Men's haircut 350/400 UAH
Buzz haircut 250 UAH
Fade 300/350 UAH
Children's haircut 300 UAH
Beard trim 300 UAH
Face shaving 300 UAH
Head shaving 250/300 UAH
Buzz haircut & beard trim 450/500 UAH
Head shaving & beard trim 450/500 UAH
Fade & beard 500/550 UAH
Haircut & beard trim 550/600 UAH
Father and son 600/650 UAH
Toning ( Head or beard 200 UAH
Blow dry & finish 100/150 UAH
Waxing 50 UAH
All services of the intern are always at a reduced price


During the training, you will receive a structured theoretical base that is as understandable as possible and works in practice. During practical classes, you will work out and consolidate your knowledge, and upon completion of the training you will be absolutely confident in your actions and fully prepared to work with clients. You will master techniques that will allow you to work with any length of hair, learn the specifics of using a hairdressing tool, learn how to style a beard, shave, wax, camouflage and many other popular salon services.

Working hours:

Daily from 10:00 to 21:00




Prospekt Yavornitskogo 46



+38(093)088 11 33



St. Magdeburg law, 1


+38(093)388 11 33





We are in the social networks:

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